Helpful Hints about Recycling In and Around Your Home

Posted on: 12 May 2016


Waste management is very important in maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment. One important aspect about waste management is recycling. However, you need to understand a few things about recycling so that you get the most out of the exercise. This is simply because there is a good and bad way of recycling, so getting it wrong shouldn't be an option. For this reason, here are some recycling tips and hints that you will find very useful in and around your home.

Recycling In Your Home

Know the Type of Product 

The first step to effective and efficient recycling is to know the type of products that you buy. Therefore, when shopping for household items, always buy more of the products that are recyclable. Tin cans and glass jars are some of these products, which can also be easily accepted at recycling centres.

Buying products that are made from recycled material should also be among your top considerations when shopping. You can simply tell whether a product is eco-friendly or not by looking at the labels on its packaging.

Always find safer alternatives when buying household products to avoid buying potentially hazardous materials. For instance, when buying a house cleaner, opt for a non-toxic product.

Find Different Recycling Methods

Different items have different recycling methods and it's important to understand these ways in order to get the full advantage of the recycling exercise. In addition, find out what you can and what you can't recycle. This is important because there are many things that you didn't know could be recycled. Therefore, you can find out from your local recycling centre all the types of items that are recyclable.

Buy Recycle Bins

Buy a recycle bin and place it in your home. This is essential because it will remind you of the need to recycle items that have to be recycled.

Recycling Out/Around Your Home

Recycle Grass after Mowing

Don't throw away the grass after mowing. The grass cuttings can act as manure for the soil with time.

Consider Composting

If you feel like leaving the grass cuttings will create an unpleasant or dirty view on your lawn, consider using them as part of your compost. Together with other kitchen and garden waste such as food leftovers and plant trimmings, you can create a compost where you mix the waste in layers and leave them for a while. This can create excellent manure for your garden or farm.