• Two scenarios in which you prioritise having a salt damp inspection carried out on your home

    Salt damp (i.e. damp involving moisture that is contaminated with salts) can take many months to cause obvious harm to a property. As such, it is sometimes safe to postpone having a salt damp inspection done for a little while. However, if you're in either of the following situations and you suspect your home has this type of damp problem, you should start looking for a contractor who does salt damp inspections immediately.
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  • Considerations for Homeowners During Foundation Underpinning

    Several factors can cause the foundation of a residential building to weaken over time. For instance, underlying soils or debris beneath the foundation can decompose or consolidate over time. In some regions, sinkholes might lead to settling of structures because soils move into the void. Moreover, soils beneath a foundation can weaken with time due to insufficient compression. All these factors can deteriorate a foundation, which might require you to stabilise soil to support the foundation in a process referred to as underpinning.
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