Two scenarios in which you prioritise having a salt damp inspection carried out on your home

Posted on: 17 December 2020


Salt damp (i.e. damp involving moisture that is contaminated with salts) can take many months to cause obvious harm to a property. As such, it is sometimes safe to postpone having a salt damp inspection done for a little while. However, if you're in either of the following situations and you suspect your home has this type of damp problem, you should start looking for a contractor who does salt damp inspections immediately.

You think the damp is already causing damage that might get worse if it's not repaired right away

There are certain forms of building issues that get worse the longer they remain unfixed. Salt damp is one of these issues. If for example, there is salt damp in your home's walls, the moisture and salt may cause electrical issues (if they reach the plug sockets or cables). This damp may also lead to the internal wall frames rotting. If you can already see some indications of damage like this in the area of your home where you think there is salt damp, you must get this area inspected by a local damage contractor immediately. This inspection will help you to discover where exactly the salt damp is located, how much damage it has already done and what work the contractor will have to do to stop the damp in its tracks.

Getting this inspection done quickly should save you money (even when you take into consideration the inspection fee), as it will prevent the original problem from causing other issues. It could, for example, save you the cost of hiring an electrician to fix the damaged electrics, of using a mould remediation contractor's services and of fitting new wall frames. It would also mean you could avoid the time-consuming process of organising the completion of these other repairs.

Your home is for sale and you've found an interested potential buyer

If your home has been on the market for a while and you have recently been contacted by an interested party but the signs of salt damp in the property are making them a bit reluctant to go ahead with the purchase, then it would be sensible to get a contractor to do this inspection as soon as possible.

If you do not get an inspection done, which clarifies the nature of the damp issue, two issues may arise: firstly, whilst they are waiting for you to provide this information, the interested buyer might come across another house that is like yours but that does not have any salt damp, and they may decide to buy that property instead. Secondly, if they suspect that you are delaying the inspection in the hopes that they will pay for it after the sale has gone through (even if this is not the case), they may put a stop to the sale and walk away. By quickly arranging for an inspection to be done, you should be able to prevent your buyer from being tempted by other properties or from developing suspicions about your honesty. You can then negotiate with them and reach a compromise regarding how to deal with any salt damp that the inspection reveals is present in the property.